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Certified Independent Insurance Specialist

I've had many adventures in my youth, National Champion for Parade Color Guard in New Orleans when I was 13 with the Royal Rhythm Steppers. I rode horses on a dude ranch in the Adirondack Mountains at the source of the Hudson River in High School.

I was on the ROTC rifle team while attending Canisius College where I earned a BS in Management. I bar tended my way through school along with loans and grants and kept the hobby on weekends as a volunteer for Dom Polski Social Club in North Tonawanda for many years. Summers were always filled with fun working weekends at the Sterling Renaissance Festival. I acted, heaved the heavy end of the dunking chair, sang with the rogues, sold wares for various artisans and even had a shop of my own for 2 years, Metal Creations.

I started my career after college at the American Lung Association. Working for a non-profit was interesting and rewarding, but I didn't make enough to pay the loans. There was my switch into the profit world. I had several forays into the retail world at different office positions and felt it very unrewarding.

Then I found an agency to help me find a position in a manufacturing facility. They found me IIMAK. Over 9 years there, I worked on the production floor, became the production clerk doing purchasing, assisting the supervisors and management team, and helping with safety, supplies purchases and even handed out employee checks. I found this very rewarding.

Alas, downsizing - the way of the 90's and an all now familiar term. I focused on my buying abilities and found a career with Science Kit as a purchasing agent and remained there for another 9-year term. Alas, companies merged, and our facility was stripped down. I then adventured my purchasing career through 3 other businesses in the course of 8 years.

I had some medical issues that sidelined me for a while and my dear Xiaoning asked if I would like to open an agency with him and be his employee. I jumped into the classes, studying and passed the testing. Now I'm selling insurance.

Wow, Sales! I never would have pictured it. So glad I started it.

I love helping people.

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